March 31, 2021

Leverage Achieves 70% Open Rate and Saves 20 Hours per Quarter with Mixmax

Leverage Achieves 70% Open Rate and Saves 20 Hours per Quarter | Mixmax

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Nick Sonnenberg, CEO at Leverage

“Mixmax has been a game-changer for us.” -Nick Sonnenberg, CEO at Leverage

Leverage is an outsourcing platform trusted by hundreds of business leaders globally. Offering a unique mix of people, systems, and processes, Leverage helps small businesses grow faster by maximizing outsourcing’s impact across sales, marketing, and operations.

In this case study, you’ll learn why Leverage chose Mixmax for outbound communications management.

Great Product, Affordable Pricing, & Incredible Support

With 30 million small businesses in the United States that could potentially benefit from Leverage’s solutions, the team needed a highly scalable and automated platform for customer outreach and follow-up. After reviewing several communications tools, Leverage chose Mixmax.

“The customer success was really incredible with Mixmax,” said Nick Sonnenberg, CEO at Leverage. “The product was great, and it was also really affordable, too.”

Integration with Salesforce CRM aligned with Leverage’s existing sales stack, which allowed the team to move faster with less effort.

“Mixmax saves us a lot of time getting data accurately entered into Salesforce,” Sonnenberg said. “The Salesforce auto-create feature has saved us over 20 hours this quarter alone because it automates a lot of manual steps.”

Mixmax automatically detects email addresses that are not already in Salesforce. Once detected, Mixmax prompts users to take one of three actions:

  • Add a new lead
  • Add a new contact
  • Never create a record for this address

Users can also modify or add additional details into the intuitive record creation form without leaving their inboxes. Mixmax will then send the email and trigger Salesforce to create the matching record—all with the click of a button.

Increased Productivity with Better Email Management

Streamlining data collection and email management with Mixmax has led to a noticeable uptick in productivity at Leverage.

“Being more efficient with how email is managed, automating follow-up, and being notified if someone did or did not get back to us has been core to our productivity across every department,” Sonnenberg said.

Using Mixmax Rules to centrally automate workflows across multiple apps provides Leverage even more productivity with fewer oversights. “Mixmax Rules and automation give you peace of mind that things aren’t going to slip through the cracks,” Sonnenberg said.

Elevated Levels of Customer Engagement

Automated sequences combined with industry-leading email deliverability make it easier for Leverage to engage customers at scale.

“We segment the highest-value people in our list and send emails through Mixmax instead of a large email campaign that can get flagged,” Sonnenberg said. “Instead of getting a 10% open rate through a normal mass email campaign, we’re getting about 70% through Mixmax.”

Data-driven engagement reports in Mixmax provide near real-time insights for coaching team members and continuously increasing performance.

“Insights are really helpful because you can see statistics on your team, such as open rates, number of emails sent, and replies,” Sonnenberg said. “You can hold people accountable but also work with them on how to improve their performance as an individual.”

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