December 12, 2019

Dollar Flight Club Boosts Advertiser Engagement by 10X with Mixmax

Dollar Flight Club Boosts Advertiser Engagement by 10X | Mixmax

“Bandwidth is everything for a startup. Mixmax gives us the bandwidth to engage more advertisers and potential partners for a fraction of the effort.”

- Kyle Maltz, Head of Growth at Dollar Flight Club

Dollar Flight Club was founded in 2016 as a subscription-based service that helps members identify the cheapest flight deals. More than 1 million members rely on Dollar Flight Club’s smartphone app and email notifications to save up to 90 percent on flights. On average, members save $500 per ticket booked through Dollar Flight Club’s service.

To fully capitalize on advertising, partnership, and affiliate opportunities, Dollar Flight Club needed a more scalable approach to outbound communications management. In this case study, you’ll learn why Dollar Flight Club chose Mixmax.

The Search for a Great Outbound Communications Tool

From day one of the company’s existence, the sales and partnership team at Dollar Flight Club recognized the importance of a solid tech stack.

“To grow quickly at scale, it’s vital to leverage really good tooling across every facet of the business,” said Kyle Maltz, Director of Sales & Partnerships at Dollar Flight Club. “We simply cannot grow at our desired rate unless we have excellent tools backing us.”

Maltz’s team had tried several outbound communication platforms, but none offered the right mix of features and intuitive design. Realizing the need for a better solution, the team turned to Mixmax.

“One of our partners had sent us an email containing a link to his Mixmax calendar, which caught my attention,” Maltz said. “We immediately knew that Mixmax was more powerful than any other tool we had previously used.”

Automated email sequences, shareable templates, smart variables, and recommended send times were just a few reasons why Mixmax was the perfect fit for Dollar Flight Club. An intuitive user interface and in-depth support documentation made the transition to Mixmax a pain-free experience.

“Mixmax is much easier to use than other tools,” Maltz said. “It just crushes the competition in almost every way imaginable.”

Achieving a 25% Advertiser Response Rate at Scale

Automating outbound email communication with Mixmax allows Dollar Flight Club to scale advertiser outreach by a factor of 10X while delivering a highly personalized message that yields an ever-increasing response rate.

“Mixmax enables us to maintain a conversational, authentic tone with potential advertisers,” Maltz said. “As a result, we’ve seen a 25 percent response rate from paid opportunity outreach initiatives.”

Increased advertiser engagement translates into incremental monetization opportunities for Dollar Flight Club while delivering fresh and exciting product offers for its members.

Elevating Efficiency & Transparency

Mixmax has proven useful for a variety of other business development programs, ranging from affiliate and partner engagement to publicity.

“We use Mixmax for all kinds of initiatives,” Maltz said. “From following up with sweepstakes partners to reaching out to the press, Mixmax automates the time-consuming aspects of business development and makes us more productive and effective.”

Data-driven reports in Mixmax provide Maltz’s team with the timely insights that are necessary to continuously measure impact and adjust on the fly.

“Email response and open rates are the two most important metrics for measuring the effectiveness of our messaging,” Maltz said. “If we see a good response rate on a particular sequence, we know that we can scale that message to a much larger audience.”

Optimizing for Future Growth

Mixmax’s robust feature set offers a multitude of untapped opportunities for the sales and partnership team at Dollar Flight Club.

“Mixmax has already made our team super effective, despite the fact that we’re not utilizing the platform to its fullest potential,” Maltz said. “Mixmax gives us the ability to grow into its full feature set over time and iterate as we go.”

Case in point, Maltz plans to leverage automated rules and tasks to take productivity to an entirely new level. “As we continue our growth trajectory and add more staff, these types of features will help us automate other time-consuming tasks while ensuring accountability,” Maltz said.

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