October 18, 2022

Alteia Implements Mixmax in One Day & Books 3x More Sales Meetings

Alteia Implements Mixmax in One Day & Books 3x More Sales Meetings

“Mixmax has been revolutionary for our company. Prospecting used to take so much time that we paused the program, but now Mixmax makes it easy.” – Benjamin Benharrosh, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer at Alteia

Who is Alteia?

Alteia is a leading provider of enterprise software that helps companies leverage visual intelligence through machine learning and AI. Alteia’s technology has been used by some of the world’s largest organizations to analyze billions of images and thousands of hours of video streams.

Challenges & objectives

Alteia needed a scalable approach to outbound prospecting for expanding its customer base. At the same time, Alteia’s account executives and customer success team were looking to improve productivity with more effective emails and streamlined calendaring. 

Alteia’s approach to sending outbound emails required significant amounts of time-consuming work. To email one prospect, Alteia’s business development representatives had to manually create a new draft, locate and copy data from a spreadsheet, and then paste the data into the draft before hitting send. 

“I could only send 30 emails per day using the old way,” said Carolina Castellanos, business development representative at Alteia. “It took me a lot of time, and it was very slow. It also took one day per week to gather and send the information that our managers needed,” she added. “KPIs were difficult to measure.”

Alteia tried using Cirrus Insight, but it was difficult to measure the true impact of email interactions. Sending emails to a large group of prospects was also time-consuming, which slowed down prospecting and pipeline generation.

“We’re dealing with enterprise deals, which can be long and complex sales cycles,” said Benjamin Benharrosh, co-founder and chief business officer at Alteia. “There’s a lot of back and forth with our emails, and it was hard to evaluate interactions with clients and prospects.”


After careful re-evaluation, Benharrosh made the decision to switch from using Cirrus Insights to Mixmax as its sales engagement platform.

Within one day, Alteia’s business development team was already using Mixmax to build high-impact email templates.

“Being able to create templates is one of the best features of the platform,” Castellanos said. “Link previews look great for customers because they’re more interactive.”


Mixmax made a measurable impact within 30 days of implementation at Alteia. “Now I have dashboards, and I can measure everything,” Castellanos said. “With Mixmax, it’s quantitative and not just qualitative as it was before.”

“Prospect quality has improved because they’ve already read my messages and are interested in the discussion topics,” Castellanos continued. “So, it’s easier to convert leads to opportunities because they know what they need.”

Email engagement data from Mixmax helps the team identify interested leads and respond faster to their needs.

“The difference is huge,” Castellanos said. “Now I can easily measure open rates and engage at the right time.”

By implementing Mixmax, Alteia was able to:

  • Book 3x more meetings than before. 
  • Centralize email templates & contact lists to scale outbound efforts.
  • Follow up with more leads in less time.
  • Boost engagement with email scheduling & recommended send times.
  • Identify interested leads and respond faster to their needs.

“Mixmax is mutually beneficial for both Alteia and our clients and prospects,” continued Benharrosh. “We are more aware of what they want–and what they don’t want. If we see that they are not interested and haven’t interacted with our messages, we don’t bother them. If we detect interest, we follow up.”

Future plans

Alteia plans on using Mixmax to reach out to their customer base and share with them some important updates about Alteia (new releases, product updates, etc.). 

“We think this can be an efficient way to make sure that our clients are always up to date with Alteia,” said Benharrosh.

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