September 5, 2023

Use Multi-touch Sequence Stages with Zero Delay for More Engagement

Use Multi-touch Sequence Stages with Zero Delay | Mixmax

Performance improvement was the main focus last month. We've made changes to ensure the Mixmax calendar provides lightning-fast loading times. We also released improvements to sequence creation and calling.


Calendar performance

📅 Calendar loading times are now 28 times faster than before! Next time your prospect is booking a time with your team, they will barely have time to blink. 


Sequence stages with zero delay

Creating multi-touch sequences as part of your outreach strategy has never been easier. Sequence stages can be configured to trigger consecutively with zero delay, making it possible to strategically engage a prospect across multiple channels on the same day. For example, your sequence can automatically queue up a LinkedIn Connection request right after cold calling a prospect and leaving them a voicemail.

▶️ To enable this for your team, select 0 as the wait period from the stage settings.

zero day wait period

More platform optimizations

🌎 If you’re busy making calls and use local dial, we will continue using your previous phone number preference so you can dive into your next call faster - saving you time and clicks during your cold calling power hour.

🔃 When a sequence creates email tasks, the task will follow the sequence settings to sync to Mixmax live feed and show in Mixmax reporting by default—no need to check your settings to be sure.

🤖 Admins now have one less configuration to worry about! Mixmax will automatically add your email domain to the exclusion list for all roles.


Tip of the month: 

Simplify coordinating group meetings


1️⃣ In your Gmail compose window, type “/group” to propose meeting times with a group event poll.

2️⃣ You'll get notifications as recipients vote on their desired meeting time.

3️⃣ Once everyone has submitted their vote, send out the invite with the meeting link included.

Google Calendar group meetings


You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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