July 23, 2015

Finally, support for tables in Gmail

Finally, support for tables in Gmail | Mixmax

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Import, create and edit tables directly in Gmail using Mixmax

At Mixmax we believe in giving you the power tools necessary to make your communication rich and powerful. That’s why we’re introducing a feature that you’ve wanted forever in Gmail: a table button!

How It Works

There are three ways to insert a table into a Mixmax message:

  1. By selecting Table from the message enhancement menu.

Select table from menu

  1. By using a command. Type /table <rows> <columns> on a new line in a Mixmax message and press enter.

Use a command

  1. By pasting a table from Google Docs or Microsoft Excel.

Paste in a table

To modify rows and columns, right-click (Command-click on Mac) to get a menu of options. Don’t worry about making a mistake – just undo and your content will come right back.

Undo changes

Tables + Templates = BFFs:

If you have a table such as a status report that you want to reuse, save it as a Mixmax template. This is yet another way the Mixmax platform powers up your email. Email us hello@mixmax.com or tweet us @Mixmax if you’d like to make one of your own!

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