February 6, 2024

Schedule More Meetings with Inbound Lead Routing

Schedule More Meetings with Inbound Lead Routing | Mixmax

Give prospects more available meeting times and speed up your inbound sales process (without any extra effort).

Convert more leads with inbound lead routing

Use the new Round Robin scheduling to instantly book qualified leads into a meeting.

  • Create an embedded calendar or shareable link that shows availability for a group of team members.
  • Speed up your inbound sales process and save administrative time matching leads with your reps.
  • Give prospects more meeting options to choose from when viewing multiple reps’ availability and selecting their preferred meeting time.
  • Ensure fair meeting distribution for your team.

Demo request Round Robin (1)Deliver seamless internal handoffs

Quickly hand off prospect or customer meetings to your team while ensuring they are distributed evenly:

  • Distribute new prospects to a round robin AE group.
  • Send new accounts to an implementation team.
  • Schedule customers with shared customer success resources.
  • Route customers to a technical support team.

Inbound-Lead-Routing (GIF)

*Lead routing and instant scheduling are available on Growth plans and above.

Introduce SMS into your sales process

Bring SMS into your sales process to get faster responses from prospects and customers, all within Mixmax. Send personalized messages for meeting reminders, quick updates, or coordinating next steps.

For customer success teams, lock in more renewals by following up with customers to maintain your top accounts.

  • Stay top of mind with top prospects and accounts.
  • Speed up your sales cycle with faster, more direct communication.
  • Centralize your work and cut out context switching, staying in the Mixmax app.

SMS web app (5)*SMS is available on Enterprise plan as an add-on to the Mixmax Dialer.

Upcoming webinar: How to revive stalled deals feat. Qwilr x Mixmax

Join Kyle Parrish from Mixmax and Mark Tanner from Qwilr in this webinar where they will walk through common scenarios that cause deals to stall (i.e., prospect ghosts you, pricing becomes an unexpected issue, purchase is de-prioritized, etc.) and the actions to get them back on track ⬇️

Deal Savvy_ Strategies to Revive Stalled Sales webinar Linkedin_2x

Tip of the month: Use Tasks for strategic prospecting

In a world where inboxes are cluttered with spam, Mixmax helps you raise the bar.

Use Tasks for personalized, out-of-sequence steps to approach prospecting more strategically and book 67% more meetings.

☑️ Add a to-do task to research your prospects.

📞 Add a call task. No, cold calling is not dead!

📧 Add manual email tasks with prewritten content cued up for you to insert a personalized message and share your availability for next week.

🙋‍♀️ Add LinkedIn Connection or InMail tasks to go multichannel and put a face to the name.

No more spray and prayBuild a winning revenue process with Sequences and Tasks.

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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