March 1, 2022

New Automation Capabilities

New Automation Capabilities for Salesforce Custom Objects | Mixmax

What’s the secret behind the most successful revenue teams? They use Mixmax Rules to eliminate busywork and free up time for selling. Today we’re excited to announce that you can tailor Mixmax Rules to your unique business needs with support for Salesforce custom objects.

Update Salesforce Record

⚡️ Take action based on custom objects

Chances are, you have many custom objects and want your revenue team to take particular actions when they’re modified. For example, how awesome would it be if you could:

  • Automatically add a customer to a renewal sequence 90 days before their contract expiration date in Salesforce
  • Automatically create a call task when a high-value customer has provided product feedback

Both of these examples are now possible in Mixmax, since you can create rule triggers that fire when:

⏺ A custom object record is created or updated
📅 A custom object date field has passed or is upcoming in a specified number of days

🚀 Create and update custom objects based on any trigger

Rather than take up your teams’ time, Mixmax can now automatically create and update custom objects for you, based on something else happening. Maybe it’s a prospect or customer that read an email, booked a meeting, or signed a contract. For example:

  • A custom object record is created when a prospect books a meeting
  • A custom object record is updated when a customer has replied ‘Yes’ in a poll response

Here’s how you can set up Salesforce Custom Objects with Mixmax rules.

✅ Sync activity to custom objects

Last but not least, we already let you sync activity to any custom objects in your Salesforce instance, whether it’s read receipts, document downloads, meetings, or more.

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