Team email: Introducing shared templates

August 31, 2015

Written bySelby Walker

Team email: Introducing shared templates

Mixmax is a communications platform that brings professional communication & email into the 21st century.

Exciting news: you can now share email templates with your team in Mixmax. This is a fantastic productivity boost for your team, and you’ll love having access to your teammates’ best emails, be it for sales, recruiting, or customer support.

To share your own templates, go to the right-hand panel of the templates section of your Mixmax dashboard.

Share your templates with your team

When you receive a teammate’s template you’ll be notified via email and it’ll show up in the templates view of the dashboard. You can then insert it instantly with the \t keyboard command.

Templates accelerator

Install for free to try it out right now. If you have thoughts on how we can boost your productivity or supercharge your email, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to us at and follow us @Mixmax.

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