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 Subject-only emails


Get to the point with subject-only emails

December 11, 2014

Do you always write an email by typing in both the subject line and the body? Do you also include a salutation, a closing, and a signature? The next time you have a quick message, skip the body, and shorten your message to just the subject line.

Short is sweet

A standard email to tell folks “I’m going on vacation” might look like this:

Short email example with body

That’s a lot of work to just say “I’m going to be gone for two weeks”. Instead, put the main point in the subject line followed by “[END]” or “[EOM]”, which is short for “end of message”. Leave the body blank, hit send, and you’re done:

Short email example with subject line only

Why? It saves time and makes you nicer

At first, it seems like a subject-line email doesn’t save you much time. It’s only 15 seconds or so less than writing a full email. But seconds add up to a lot in a year. Imagine all the quick emails you send annually, and you’ll realize you could be spending the time working, eating, or doing dance battles. More importantly, you’re saving your recipient’s time by not compelling them to take the extra step to open the email.

Written by

 Chanpory Rith

Chanpory Rith

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