August 4, 2023

3 Ways to Drive More Renewals With Mixmax Polls

3 Ways to Drive More Renewals With Mixmax Polls | Mixmax

Customer success managers struggle to navigate budget cuts and prevent churn in the current economy. Here are three ways your CS team can use Mixmax’s unique Polls feature to get customers to engage with you, get back time, and drive more renewals.

Improve customer engagement

Make it easy for customers to respond to you in one click by using a Poll. Less friction = more engagement.

Type /poll in your Gmail Compose window and try inserting a Poll today.

Mixmax polls enhancements

Drive more renewals and business reviews

While adding a Poll to a one-off email helps engage one customer, there’s no reason to stop there. Add Mixmax Polls to your sequences to drive more renewals and QBRs. Not sure where to start? Let Blaire, our CSM, guide you 👇


Once your sequence is ready, create a Mixmax rule to automate follow-ups based on their reply. Their Poll answer can trigger a rule to:

📧 send a follow-up email with your availability if they are unsure about renewal, or

⏭ place them in a different sequence confirming they are all set for renewal.


CSM auto renewal

Learn how to add someone to a sequence when they vote in your Mixmax renewal poll.


Let Poll responses update Salesforce

Don’t worry about updating Salesforce... let Mixmax do it for you. Add another action to your rule to update the status of your renewal opportunity in Salesforce based on the Poll vote.

That’s it! Add Mixmax Polls to your sequences today to improve customer engagement and drive more renewals.


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