June 4, 2024

Get more out of your tech stack for HubSpot and Outlook users

Get more out of your tech stack for HubSpot and Outlook users | Mixmax

Exciting updates for our Outlook and HubSpot users.

  1. The Mixmax add-in for Outlook is now live on Microsoft AppSource.
  2. The Mixmax + HubSpot integration (launched last month) is improved with connected workspace user oversight and sync management.

Ensure all your activity syncs to HubSpot

Admins can now identify which workspace members are connected to HubSpot and invite new ones with a single click (see settings here).

They can also detect and address any sync issues caused by configuration settings—such as exclusion lists or HubSpot errors—and find a suitable solution. Learn more in this help doc.

➡️ If you’re using HubSpot as your CRM, go to your personal Integrations settings and click Connect to HubSpot. This feature is available on Growth+CRM and Enterprise plans.

Hubspot Integration Management

Outlook users can now leverage Mixmax directly from their inbox and Salesforce

Our newly published Microsoft add-in lets you access critical Mixmax features without leaving your inbox:

  • View and update contact information, including Salesforce and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Save time using your Mixmax email templates with a few clicks.
  • Book more meetings by sharing availability directly in your emails.
  • Track email opens and clicks, while syncing all activities to Mixmax and Salesforce.
  • Learn more in this help article.

Get the Mixmax add-in for Outlook

Outlook Sidebar Updated

Now you can stay productive from your platform of choice, whether the Mixmax app, your inbox, or your Salesforce instance.

If your team prefers to work from Salesforce, Outlook users can now install the Chrome extension to call an add prospects to sequences without leaving their CRM.

➡️ Download the Chrome Extension. Learn more in this help doc.

Salesforce + Mixmax Chrome Extension

Tip of the month: Automatically reschedule canceled meetings with Rules

Manually rescheduling canceled meetings can be time-consuming (and a pain).

Instead, you can build a rule to auto-send a rescheduling template when someone cancels a meeting with you.

You can do this individually or set it up at the workspace level as an admin. Follow the steps outlined here.

Cut out low-value actions


You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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Following up with a prospect is one of the most important steps in the sales journey.

Get this: 

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