December 7, 2021

Radically Improved Mixmax and Salesforce Admin Experience

Radically Improved Mixmax and Salesforce Admin Experience | Mixmax

Today is the day! We’re excited to announce numerous improvements that will radically change how Admins manage their Workspace and Salesforce integration. Gain more visibility and set tighter controls with the following releases:

Data Access & Reporting

First, you can now report across your entire Workspace without having to join any group yourself.

Report builder in Mixmax, the sales engagement platform

This means:

📊 Better control over data in your Workspace
🔍 The ability to search, and filter, and update reporting for all Workspace members
🔐 Consistent data and controls throughout the platform.


Second, Admins now have full access to each member’s rule library.


This means:

🧹 The ability to keep your Workspace clean and optimize processes
🗃 Access to all activity associated with each rule
⏯ Enable or disable an entire rule on behalf of another member
❌ Delete the rule altogether while still preserving rule activity logs.


And finally, Salesforce goodness! We have made it easier than ever to sync data to and from Salesforce while using a fraction of your quota.

🚧 API limits

We know managing a heap of Salesforce integrations can be tough, but you confidently prevent Salesforce API outages with the new controls Mixmax provides. Admins can now set Salesforce API quota limits and Mixmax will never use more than the specified limit.

API Limits

🔁 Real-team sync improvements

It’s simpler than ever to get up and running with our most popular sync method, real time sync. Admins can now install, configure and troubleshoot the Mixmax Salesforce package with a one-click setup.

Additionally, our package now optimized Mixmax’s usage of your Apex quota by reducing the number of calls. With Sync conditions, simply tell Mixmax which field changes we should be listening to, and we will only trigger updates on those fields.



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