May 7, 2024

Reach More Buyers With the New Mixmax + HubSpot Integration

New Mixmax HubSpot Integration Lets You Reach More Buyers | Mixmax

The new Mixmax HubSpot integration combines best-in-class sales engagement with your favorite CRM.

Connect HubSpot directly from your Mixmax integrations list to start:

  • Automatically syncing sales activity to HubSpot (email opens, replies, clicks, downloads, etc).
  • Logging email sends, opens, clicks, and downloads to HubSpot Contacts, Companies, and Deals.
  • Boosting replies with engaging email enhancements like polls, surveys, and CTA buttons.

Hubspot Sync

Read on to learn about other notable Mixmax product updates this month.

Reach more highly engaged contacts

The new Contacts experience, which lets you prioritize your time on highly engaged contacts, just got even better.

  • Use the new “Touched by” filter to see which reps have contacted a prospect or customer, facilitating coaching and collaboration.
  • View contact engagement score in your Mixmax Sidebar to prioritize your next activities.
  • Always keep your contacts up to date with the daily Salesforce sync.

Touched by Contacts - Blog

Quickly search your unsubscribe list

Now you can easily check if a specific email address is on your unsubscribed list. The new search bar makes it easy to find out if a contact has unsubscribed from your sequences.

Search in Unsubscribe

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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