April 2, 2024

Mixmax Is Now Available on Microsoft Outlook

Mixmax for Outlook: New Integration for Revenue Teams on Outlook

Mixmax has long been known for its Gmail integration.  But now, it has extended its reach to integrate with Microsoft Outlook.

Mixmax for Outlook marks a significant development for revenue teams looking to prospect better, close and engage more customers with the help of AI. 

Key features Outlook users can now leverage in their sales process

Outlook users can now enhance their sales process and productivity as they perform everyday sales tasks, such as automatically updating Salesforce, tracking email engagement, automating follow-up emails, using pre-written email templates, and more.

  • Salesforce syncing: Connect Mixmax to Salesforce to keep your sales data more organized and accessible, directly from your Outlook inbox.

Log to Salesforce Outlook Mixmax

  • Email tracking: Know exactly when your emails are opened, clicked, and your content downloaded.
  • Personalized sequences: Automate follow-up emails and send personalized multi-channel campaigns at scale.
  • Email templates: Save time and effort with pre-written templates for cold emails, proposals, customer renewals, and more, accessible directly through your Outlook inbox.

Outlook Mixmax Sidebar Templates

  • Calendaring: Schedule meetings directly from your email inbox and allow recipients to book time with just one click. No more back and forth.

In-email calendar Outlook


Mixmax for Outlook is a win for go-to-market teams

From AEs and CS teams to SDRs and RevOps, this integration helps revenue teams eliminate repetitive admin work, manage customer accounts more effectively, and enhance productivity.

  • For account executives: Saves time and helps you move deals along faster with SMS, real-time prospect alerts, and automatic CRM updates.
  • For customer success teams: Increases your ability to stay on top of more client accounts with less effort, maximizing your time for renewals and customer expansions.
  • For sales development teams: Helps you prioritize your time on highly engaged prospects and stay on track with an intelligent Task dashboard, boosting your productivity to book more meetings.
  • For revenue operations: Ensures your team is ready to go live on day one with time-saving automation and the ability to work from Outlook or Salesforce.

The future of sales engagement

Mixmax is a major step forward for revenue teams using Outlook. Now, with access to the easiest-to-use sales engagement platform, sales and customer success teams on Microsoft Outlook will be more efficient in their personalization than ever before- reaching more prospects, closing more pipeline, and renewing more customers.

Request a demo or start a free trial to learn more.

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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