July 10, 2017

Mixmax Calendar Improvements

Mixmax Calendar Improvements | Mixmax

Mixmax is a communications platform that brings professional communication & email into the 21st century. We're excited to share a series of improvements to your Mixmax calendar. We know how frustrating scheduling can be, whether you're scheduling meetings for yourself or for your team. We decided to fix it.

Meeting Types

If you're scheduling meetings for yourself, you want to make sure you only offer times that work across all of your calendars --- both personal and business. Mixmax now makes sure your professional life never gets in the way of your personal life and vice versa. We also let you choose which calendar a meeting is booked on, not just the default one. Never again worry about meetings getting scheduled when you should be at the gym!

double booking protection

If you're scheduling meetings for your team, it can seem impossible to find times that work for everyone... unless you've got Mixmax at your side. Your Mixmax calendar now automatically knows when everyone on your team is available, so you can share times that are guaranteed to work for all attendees. When all key players are present, you can't help but make progress.

Buffer times

Booking meetings with Mixmax is so effective, you might find yourself with back-to-back meetings --- a good problem to have. Now you'll never again be late or unprepared, since you can add an automated buffer between meetings :)

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