January 16, 2024

Introducing Mixmax Academy: Your Source to Close More Deals

Introducing Mixmax Academy: Your Source to Close More Deals | Mixmax

Mixmax Academy is a new online video help center designed to help you master Mixmax so you can crush quota. Whether you're a seasoned Mixmax admin or just getting started, Mixmax Academy offers a library of video tutorials, guides, and resources.

Administer Mixmax with confidence

Master workspace administration

Learn how to set up your Mixmax workspace, manage user permissions, configure integrations, and optimize your team’s workflows.

Unlock the power of your Salesforce integration

Discover how to integrate Mixmax with your Salesforce CRM, automate tasks, and gain valuable insights into your sales pipeline and rep activities.

Read FAQs

Get quick and easy solutions to common questions.

Onboard your team

Role-based journeys

Customize your learning experience with video playlists tailored to specific roles such as account executives, sales development representatives, and customer success managers.

Go live quickly

Dive into introductory courses that provide a solid foundation in Mixmax features and common use cases like building more pipeline, closing more deals, engaging customers, etc.

Stay up to date when new features are released

Discover new features

Be the first to learn about Mixmax's latest feature releases.

Get expert tips & tricks

Learn from the pros and pick up valuable insights from sales engagement experts.

What does Mixmax Academy offer?

Mixmax Academy is packed with resources designed to help you win back time for selling. Improve your prospecting with personalization, automate repetitive tasks, and engage more prospects and customers.

  • Video-based learning: Learn at your own pace and retain information more effectively with engaging and informative video content.
  • Searchable resources: Easily find the information you need by searching relevant key terms.
  • Share content: Easily share the videos with your new team members as part of their Mixmax onboarding process.
  • Community support and content: Join The Mixer newsletter to stay up to date in the world of sales with expert interviews, templates, webinars, and lots of tips to sell more efficiently.

Head over to Mixmax Academy today and explore video tutorials, help guides, and customer resources to help you close more deals this year.

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