November 17, 2023

Improve Engagement Rates by Pausing Sequences on US Holidays

Improve Engagement Rates by Pausing Sequences on US Holidays | Mixmax

In sales, timing is everything. You want to reach your prospects when they will most likely be engaged and receptive to your message. But what about during US holidays? Are you still sending out sales emails and creating new tasks, even though your prospects are probably out of the office?

A QuestionPro study found that the average conversion rate of all emails sent during the holidays is a painful 0.14%. Sending emails during a holiday is a big mistake.

Why you should avoid sending messages on US holidays

There are a few reasons why you should avoid sending messages on US holidays:

  • Prospects are more likely to be out of the office. This means that your messages are less likely to be seen and responded to.
  • Prospects are less likely to be in the buying mindset. When people are on vacation, they're not thinking about work. They're relaxing and enjoying their time out of office (as they should be).
  • Sending messages on holidays will damage your brand. If prospects see that you're not respecting their time off, they're less likely to want to do business with you/your company.

How to pause your Mixmax Sequences on US holidays

  1. Go to Your Sequence Settings > Schedule > Holiday.
  2. Select the checkbox next to the "Skip US Holidays" option.

Holiday Sequence Pause (3)

That's it! Now, your Sequences will automatically skip scheduling stages (automated or manual) on all holidays in the US.

How does this help your revenue team?

  • Saves time and resources. You won't have to worry about manually scheduling and rescheduling your Sequences around holidays.
  • Improves open rates. Your emails are more likely to be opened if you send them on non-holiday days.
  • Increases engagement. Your prospects are more likely to engage with your messages if you send them at the right time.

By avoiding sending messages on US holidays, you can ensure that your messages are seen and responded to by the right people at the right time.

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