January 16, 2019

Email recipients not in Salesforce? Now they are!

Email recipients not in Salesforce? Now they are! | Mixmax

Wish your Salesforce data were clean and accurate? This is no longer impossible! Our latest auto-create feature does it for you: when a team member sends an email, Mixmax detects if the recipient exists in Salesforce. If the recipient does not exist in Salesforce, we prompt the sender to add the recipient to Salesforce as a lead or contact.

Create Salesforce records

Of course, you can also make sure specific recipients are never added to Salesforce by clicking “Never create a record for this address”. Want more control over this feature? You can turn auto-creating contacts & leads on and off in settings. Admins can turn in on and off on a by role basis.

Auto-creation of contacts and leads is included in Growth and Enterprise plans. Learn more.

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