February 11, 2019

Selffee Increases Close Rate by 10% with Mixmax

Selffee Increases Close Rate by 10% with Mixmax

“Last year, we averaged a 33% close rate, which is up from 10% the year before. Mixmax helps us follow up, increase responses, and book more calls - all of which impacts our close rate.”

- David Weiss, Co-Founder of Selffee

Selffee is bringing new life to parties and events everywhere. The company’s edible photo booth leverages proprietary technology to print guests’ faces onto cookies, iced coffee, cocktails, marshmallows, and many other tasty treats, producing a truly unforgettable (and socially viral) experience. Since its founding in 2016, Selffee has built an impressive client list that includes the world’s most well-known brands, including Facebook, American Airlines, Google, Twitter, Dell, Salesforce, and many others.   

With demand for Selffee’s edible photo booth at an all-time high, the company’s sales team needed a scalable solution for following up with thousands of web leads.

In this case study, you’ll learn why Selffee chose Mixmax.

Scaling Follow-Up with Inbound Leads

Selffee’s edible photo booth essentially sells itself. Each new event creates additional buzz, which, in turn, accelerates the number of sales inquiries generated by Selffee’s website (selff.ee, by the way). With thousands of inbound web leads requesting information annually, manually following up with leads was no longer viable.

“We could no longer manage all of our leads with traditional follow-up methods,” said David Weiss, Co-Founder of Selffee.

Realizing the need for an outbound communications management platform, Selffee turned to Mixmax. Within days of signing up, Weiss had automated his follow-up process by leveraging Mixmax templates and sequences.

“Templates allow us to engage leads faster with messaging that’s customized to their exact needs,” Weiss said. “Sequences streamline the follow-up process, ensuring no leads slip through the cracks.”

Following up on proposals is also easier with Mixmax.

"Templates and email tracking simplify the entire quoting process, which frees up more of my time for engagement,” Weiss said. “I’m able to do the job of three sales people because of Mixmax.”

More Engagement, More Events

Since implementing Mixmax, Selffee has experienced a dramatic uptick in lead engagement.

“90% of leads who submit a webform end up responding to one of our emails,” Weiss said. “Without Mixmax, we would probably have a 20% or 30% reply rate.”

Reply rate isn’t the only metric that’s on the rise. Mixmax’s one-click meeting feature has transformed how Selffee schedules its lead consultations.

“Our close rate goes up by a factor of 4X if we get the lead on the phone,” Weiss said. “Mixmax’s calendaring tool helps me get more people on the phone and in the funnel.”

Across the board, Selffee’s close rate has dramatically improved, thanks in part to Mixmax.

“Last year, we averaged a 33% close rate, which is up from 10% the year before,” Weiss said. “Mixmax helps us follow up, increase responses, and book more calls - all of which impacts our close rate.”

Keeping Things Fun

Mixmax also makes it easier to incorporate an element of fun into everything, which is important when your business model involves putting people’s faces on cookies.

“Mixmax lets us test different messaging and imagery to ensure that every aspect of our sales funnel is enjoyable,” Weiss said. “I’ve closed several sales because people think our follow-up sequence is adorable.”

Even Selffee’s accounts receivable team is getting in on the action.

“Accounts receivable isn’t traditionally known for being very fun,” Weiss said. “We use Mixmax to inject an element of fun into the AR process, so that we can get paid without creating unnecessary friction.”

Give Mixmax a Try

Here's a final bit of advice from David Weiss: “You have nothing to lose by trying Mixmax - and, you only have time to gain.”

Need a better way to follow up with thousands of inbound web leads? Scale sales with Mixmax’s templates, sequences, and email tracking without adding headcount.

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