May 2, 2023

SDR Workflows That Result in 67% More Meetings

SDR Workflows That Result in 67% More Meetings | Mixmax

100% automated outreach, also known as “spray and pray,” is a bad practice that results in low response rates. In the current market, SDRs can’t only rely on automated emails to hit their numbers.

Continue reading to learn how to hit the right balance of automated and personalized, streamline your multichannel prospecting, and book 67% more meetings.

Mixmax data shows that SDRs using multichannel, personalized sequences that include call tasks, LinkedIn, or to-do tasks are more successful in booking meetings than SDRs who don't.

Meetings booked increase with task usage_SDRs-1

Our SDR Manager, Jack Wauson, explains how to achieve that 67% increase in meetings booked by streamlining your SDR workflows with Mixmax.


Optimize your SDR workflow by incorporating tasks in your sequences

Next to research, following up is the most important thing you can do to be a successful SDR.

But follow-up tasks should not be created manually.

With Mixmax, follow-up tasks are created for you via our automation tools. Following up with personalized, relevant information comes down to building a solid multichannel sequence.

There are a lot of different stats out there on how many stages/touchpoints there should be in a sequence. Our SDR team usually creates sequences with more or less 12 stages, and here’s an example of a cold prospecting sequence you could try out 👇Example of a Cold Prospecting Sequence


UserGems’ Sales Strategist Krysten Conner recently shared with us their 3-step multi-threading strategy you can steal.

We also suggest following SDR influencers like Jason Bay on LinkedIn for more examples. He recently shared the KISS (Keep It Simple Sequencing) example, which you can easily replicate in our new Sequences editor that is currently being rolled out 👇

Adding Task to Sequence

Once your sequence is activated, all you have to do is show up and work through these tasks, and we’ve made it as easy as it gets.

How to prioritize tasks that convert to meetings

You can work from your Mixmax dashboard or directly from Gmail, but most SDRs prefer the Mixmax Tasks dashboard.

Pro tips that lead to meetings booked faster

🤔 Engagement is a good indicator of interest. Start with our "Most engaged" quick filter to call the people thinking about your offer first.

🏆 Relevancy FTW. Contact’s recent activities, sequence stage, LinkedIn, and CRM information are visible in every task, so you can get the context you need. For example, if they are in stage 5 and open your emails multiple times, the chances of them knowing who you are are higher, so you can call them with (more) confidence.

🗓 Structure your schedule. Call block time? Filter out everything but call tasks.

Tasks Quick Filters

Try these out today, and you’ll end up on top of the leaderboard.

Top of the leaderboard (who cares, show me the 🤑)

Money is the ultimate motivator, not the leaderboard, we know. But reporting is especially crucial for SDR Managers, enabling them to easily analyze performance and coach the SDRs on which strategies work best for your business.

If you use Salesforce, make sure to install our new Mixmax Insights for Salesforce

Mixmax Insights

We hope this simple guide helps you harness the power of personalized, multichannel outreach with Mixmax. Let us know if you have any questions.


You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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