June 19, 2024

The 5 Best Email Outreach Tools for Sales Teams in 2024

The 5 Best Email Outreach Tools for Sales Teams in 2024 | Mixmax

The best email outreach tools for sales teams empower users to send personalized emails at scale in far less time than it would take to do so manually.

A solid tool can improve sales efficiency, lead generation, close rates, account renewals, upsells, and other sales outcomes that rely on savvy email communication. 

In 2024, there are hundreds of email tools for sales, so we’ve compiled a list of five, each with a unique differentiator, to help you choose. 

Here are the top 5 email outreach tools for sales teams and their main use cases: 

  • Mixmax: Best sales engagement tool for your entire revenue team (AEs, CSMs, SDRs). 
  • Outreach: Best sales engagement tool for SDR teams at enterprise companies. 
  • HubSpot Sales: Best sales-focused CRM with free email productivity tools. 
  • Salesforce Sales Engagement: Best email outreach tool for AI-driven recommendations.
  • Apollo: Best sales intelligence tool for lead scoring and finding ideal leads. 

Before we jump into the pricing, features, and use cases of each tool, you can quickly compare the five tools using the comparison table below: 

Email outreach tool

Software category

Ideal users


Free trial

Starting price


Full-revenue team sales engagement software

SDRs, AEs, CSMs, sales leaders, and Rev Ops.

Facilitates cross-team collaboration for email prospecting and nurturing.

14 days



SDR-focused sales execution software

Large SDR/BDR teams

Streamlines email prospecting.


Must reach out for a quote

HubSpot Sales

Sales-focused CRM

Sales teams

Offers free email tools with their free CRM.



Salesforce Sales Engagement

Sales engagement platform

Sales teams at large companies

Gives AI-powered tips on how to engage each lead.


$50 per user per month


Sales intelligence and prospecting tool

Marketers and SDRs.

Helps you identify top-quality leads.

14 days


1. Mixmax

G2 Score: 4.6 


Mixmax is a sales engagement tool designed to help your entire revenue team streamline their email outreach activities with personalized sequences, email tracking, email templates, and other features that boost reply rates. It’s available for Gmail and Outlook users. 

Unlike related tools, such as Outreach or Salesloft, Mixmax caters not only to SDRs, but also to AEs, CSMs, and Rev Ops professionals. 

As a result, platform adoption rates among these employees are higher on average. So the features you’re paying for have a higher ROI. 

As Jason Bay explains, this is especially significant for AEs, who are notorious for neglecting their companies’ sales engagement tools:


Here are just a few examples of how each team can use Mixmax to improve email outreach:

  • SDRs: Use personalized cold email sequences, engagement data, and one-click scheduling to streamline prospecting and book more meetings with leads. 
  • AEs: Know when to follow up with real-time data about prospect activity, and create data-driven email sequences to self-generate new pipeline. Learn more here
  • CSMs: Create automated email sequences and strategic workflows for accounts coming up for renewal.  
  • Rev Ops: Use email outreach data to learn which email sequences, tactics, and templates work best.  
  • Sales Leaders: Gain a high-level overview of sales activity via Mixmax’s performance trends data.  

When each team is using the same tool for email outreach, there are more opportunities for strategic cross-departmental collaboration on target accounts. 

For instance, an SDR, CSM, and sales leader could each create unique email sequences for a target account, working together to open a sales conversation. 

The SDR could focus on explaining the tool and its benefits, the CSM could share stories about their experiences with similar clients, and the VP of Sales (with delegated sending) could send emails about current industry trends that make the product so valuable right now. 

Hit from all angles with different educational content, the lead would be far more likely to reply. 

Overall, Mixmax is the top tool for businesses looking to arm their entire revenue side with effective sales email outreach tools that come in an easy-to-use sales engagement platform. 


  • Email templates.
  • AI email writer/assistant.
  • AI email send time recommendations.
  • Personalized email sequences. 
  • Polls, surveys, CTA button, and Giphy email embeds. 
  • Real-time email activity alerts and task automation.
  • Email outreach performance data. 
  • One-click meeting scheduler. 
  • Multi-channel sales engagement sequences. 
  • Integrations with Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, and other tools. 


  • Free Plan: Includes calendaring email productivity tools for teams under five. 
  • SMB: $29 per user per month (email campaigns + calendar for teams under 10).
  • Growth: $49 per user per month (sales automation for growing teams).
  • Growth + CRM: $69 per user per month (sales engagement w/ Salesforce or HubSpot integration).
  • Enterprise: Reach out for a quote. (more platform customization for larger teams).

2. Outreach

G2 Score: 4.3 

Outreach is a sales execution platform designed for large SDR teams at enterprise companies that want to streamline prospecting activities to generate more leads. 

The platform is great for building and automating cold outreach sequences that use multiple touchpoints, including email, social, and calls. 

However, compared to a tool like Mixmax, it doesn’t offer as many useful features for AEs and CSMs, so adoption rates by these users can be rather low.  


  • Outreach sequence builder. 
  • Call and meeting scheduler.
  • Integrated A/B testing.
  • Sentiment analysis. 
  • Email templates and snippets. 
  • OOO detection.


  • Outreach Engage Plan: Must reach out to request pricing. 

3. HubSpot Sales 

G2 Score: 4.4

HubSpot Sales is a sales-focused CRM with email outreach features like email templates, email scheduling, AI email writer, and email tracking. 

There are paid plans, but you can also access many of the HubSpot Sales Hub features by using their free, foundational CRM (known simply as HubSpot CRM). You’ll also gain free access to feature sets for sales, marketing, operations, and support. 

This option is great for those on a budget who want company-wide CRM functionality. 

However, since HubSpot is more a CRM than an email tool, some users will find their email outreach capabilities lacking, even on the advanced paid HubSpot Sales plans.

That’s why many businesses pair Mixmax with HubSpot

This gives them the best of both worlds — a robust CRM and a sales engagement platform with powerful email outreach capabilities. 


  • Email templates.
  • Email tracking.
  • Email scheduling.
  • AI email writer. 
  • Pipeline management. 
  • Dashboard and reporting. 
  • CRM features. 


  • HubSpot CRM: Free CRM with basic email outreach features and tools for sales, marketing, support, and operations. 
  • HubSpot Sales Hub (sales-focused CRM)
    • Starter: $15 per seat per month.
    • Customer: $15 per seat per month. (basically Starter + free CRM’s marketing, content, support, and operations tools).
    • Professional: $90 per seat per month.
    • Enterprise: $150 per seat per month. 

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4. Salesforce Sales Engagement

G2 Score: 4.0

Salesforce is known for its highly customizable enterprise CRM, but it also offers a sales engagement platform with email outreach functionality for $50 per user per month. 

This platform helps reps improve email outreach efficiency by automating simple tasks like email follow-up and meeting booking. 

Where it shines is its AI assistant. This tool provides reps with AI insights about lead readiness and AI recommendations about how to best engage them. 

Overall, Salesforce Engagement is a solid tool for engaging prospects. 

But Salesforce is still more a CRM than an engagement tool, and it lacks features like email enrichments and easy-to-build sequences that you’d find in a more comprehensive sales email automation tool like Mixmax or Outreach. 


  • Sales cadences.
  • AI insights and lead scoring.
  • Email tracking and scheduling.
  • Activity dashboard. 
  • Meeting booking. 


  • Sales Engagement: $50 per user per month.

5. Apollo

G2 Score: 4.8 

Apollo is first and foremost a sales intelligence and lead-scoring software that helps prospecting reps like SDRs identify and reach out to high-quality leads. 

The platform contains data on 275M contacts and 73M companies, and you can easily filter through this database to find leads that fit your ideal customer profile. 

Data points include email addresses, phone numbers, company size, and other useful tidbits of info that’ll help you personalize your cold email outreach. 

As for outreach, users can then create basic sales engagement sequences for automating cold outreach. 

That said, being primarily a sales intelligence tool, their sales email functionality isn’t as strong as a solution designed specifically for sales email outreach, like Mixmax.

For instance, it lacks an easy way to personalize email sequences to recipients and offers no in-email enhancements like polls, surveys, or Giphys. 

Therefore, it’s common for businesses to use Apollo to find their leads and another tool like Mixmax to engage them, as well as other prospects and clients, with personalized email. 

To dig deeper, check out a pricing and feature comparison in Mixmax vs Apollo


  • B2B lead database.
  • Lead scoring.
  • Account signals. 
  • Anonymous web visitor identification.
  • Email tracking. 
  • Basic email sequences. 
  • AI email writer. 


  • Free: Limited to 250 emails per day and can only build 2 email sequences. 
  • Basic: $45 per user per month. 
  • Professional: $79 per user per month.
  • Organization: $119 per user per month.

Bottom line: Best email outreach tools

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, comprehensive email outreach tool that works for the entire revenue side of your business, you can’t go wrong with Mixmax. 

That said, the best sales email automation tool depends on your company’s specific needs and budget. 

So do your due diligence when researching, and consider talking with a few reps at your top brands to help you make the right choice. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Mixmax can help you manage and automate your sales email outreach, sign up for our free demo

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