October 5, 2018

Up Your Meeting Game

Up Your Meeting Game with Mixmax Meeting Variables | Mixmax

Today, we up your meeting game. If your schedule is packed with meetings you’ll love our new meeting variables because they make it easier to personalize your meeting details at scale without extra typing. And, you can even choose meeting variables from Salesforce or Pipedrive.

First you create the meeting template for your recurring meetings…..

Calendar New Variables GIF

…. and then just choose that meeting template when sending your availability.

For inspiration, here are some ideas you can use to customize your meeting templates:

  • For sales discovery meetings you might choose this meeting title: Discovery meeting with
  • When setting up candidate interviews you could use this meeting title: Phone interview with
  • If you are scheduling a renewal meeting with a client you might call it: Renewal of for

If Mixmax calendaring variables are a game-changer for you, reply to this email to let us know — we’re looking for a few meeting moguls to feature in an upcoming blog post.

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