October 10, 2023

Write Emails 10x Faster With Mixmax AI Compose

Write Emails 10x Faster With Mixmax AI Compose | Mixmax

Write emails faster with AI Compose 

Drafting personalized sales emails is easier than ever using the built-in AI Compose feature from your Sequence or Template creation window.

Writing an email from scratch can be a roadblock, so let AI generate an entire message for you to edit, or have the AI engine clean up your work.

🤖 Follow simple prompts to tell AI Compose what kind of message you want it to write.
AI Compose in Sequences (1)
Edit previously generated content to save even more time. Choose from five prompts to tell AI Compose what you’d like it to do.

AI Compose in Sequences2 (1)

Read the help documentation to learn more. AI Compose is available on Growth plans and above.

Avoid personalization fails

✏️ Ensure your messaging is tight as a drum and never miss a personalized variable field again. Now, when personalizing your sequences, you can find and update variables without fallbacks or missing data with easy-to-spot highlighting.

Import fields in Sequences (1)

Simplify contact imports

🧹 When you import contacts into your next sequence, you will now be prompted to select the fields you want to include. Any blank columns will be excluded by default, leaving you with a cleaner import.

Import fields in Sequences

Tip of the month: Round-robin scheduling with Mixmax

1️⃣ From your Meeting template menu, add multiple team members to the “Schedule on” field.

2️⃣ Create a standard meeting agenda to be included.

3️⃣ Once your prospect has booked a meeting, they will be exited from your sequence automatically.

4️⃣ Mixmax will rotate through the calendars to make sure meetings don't always get scheduled with the same host.

Round robin meeting template (3)

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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