December 6, 2022

Sell Into Key Accounts With Mixmax

Sell Into Key Accounts With Mixmax | Mixmax

Buying teams are growing, and reps need an answer to threading their deals deeper into the accounts they are working with. Enter account-based selling. 

Why is this strategy important for your team?

1️⃣ Improves the probability of closing the deal. (Win!)
2️⃣ Accelerates stalled deals by removing roadblocks. (The fewer the speed bumps, the better.)
3️⃣ Provides more opportunities to "sell" a solution in a way that benefits more than one person or department. (Continuously building relationships.)

Read on to learn how others are doing this with Mixmax.

Focus on your key strategic accounts 🎯

Starting your day from the Mixmax Task dashboard makes it a good day.

📈 Your reps can now filter by specific accounts to up their selling game and results.
👥 Everyone on the team can see all contacts and activities related to that account.
🔛 Account-based selling activated!

Newsletter 1

Learn more about the Task dashboard.

More ways to prioritize your workflow 📊 

Hit your number every month by prioritizing your tasks based on the level of prospect engagement you have across any key account.

💎 Filter by specific sequences or folders.
👀 Visualize your prospect's job title and email opens.
☎️ Start your call block, personalize your emails, and complete research on your prospects faster than before.

Newsletter 2

Learn more about Sequences.

Help your teams faster 🏃

Admin users can now access all workspace Tasks without having to join each group created in Mixmax. Support your customer-facing team by effortlessly checking in on work in progress and providing feedback or assistance.

Newsletter 3

Learn more about Groups in Mixmax.

These improvements are available on our Enterprise plan. Request a demo to learn how your team can get started today!

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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