Access Mixmax features without leaving your keyboard

Access Mixmax Features without Leaving Your Keyboard | Mixmax

Mixmax is a communications platform that brings professional communication & email into the 21st century.

At Mixmax, we're always looking for ways to make our customers more productive. That's why we've created email apps like polls and event invites that eliminate back and forth and get you responses fast. We also want to give you the tools for composing your message more quickly, so we're introducing new keyboard shortcuts and commands to make writing a Mixmax message a breeze:

Keyboard shortcuts

App commands

  • /table <rows> <columns> : Insert table
  • /availability/calendar/cal: Insert availability
  • /event/invite: Insert event invite
  • /poll/vote: Insert poll
  • /qa <optional question>/q <optional question>: Insert free-text question
  • /yesno <optional question>/y <optional question>: Inserts yes/no question
  • /code/codesnippet: Insert code snippet
  • /secretmessage/secret: Insert secret message
  • /sms <phone number>: Insert SMS form
  • /giphy <optional search term>/g <optional search term>: Insert Giphy GIF
  • /button: Insert button
  • /twitter/tweets: Insert Twitter timeline
  • /liveview/live: Insert live web preview
  • /t <search term>/template <search term>: Insert matching template
  • /m <search term>/map <search term>: Insert Google Map

Formatting commands (Mac, Windows)

  • Bold: Command-B, Control-B
  • Italic: Command-I, Control-I
  • Underline: Command-U, Control-U
  • Insert link: Command-K, Control-K
  • Insert bulleted list: Command-Shift-8, Control-Shift-8
  • Insert numbered list: Command-Shift-7, Control-Shift-7
  • Indent less: - Everywhere: Command-[, In a list: Tab - Everywhere: Control-[, In a list: Shift-Tab
  • Indent more: Command-], Control-]
  • Quote: Command-Shift-9, Control-Shift-9
  • Remove formatting: Command-, Control-

Other commands (Mac, Windows)

  • Put the cursor in the CC field: Command-Shift-c, Control-Shift-c
  • Put the cursor in the BCC field: Command-Shift-b, Control-Shift-b
  • Send email: Command-enter, Command-enter
  • Show reminders menu: Command-Alt-r, Alt-Shift-r

Install for free to try it out right now. Key commands are just one way Mixmax makes email more powerful for professionals. If you have thoughts on how we can boost your productivity or supercharge your email, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to us at and follow us @Mixmax.

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