December 21, 2021

A Full Year of Improvements

A Full Year of Improvements | Mixmax

As 2021 comes to an end, we wanted to celebrate the most memorable product releases of the year. It’s thanks to you (the best customers in the world!) and your never-ending support and feedback, that we’ve been able to ship such impactful improvements:

Mixmax provides admins visibility & control

*Admin Profile Viewadd_member

⭐️Top 2021 highlights include

A new Admin profile. With Admin profiles, admins gained the ability to:

👥 Manage all users, roles, billing, and Workspace-level rules
💌 Manage all sequences, templates, & rules including the ability to view, move, and delete
⏯ Pause and resume any sequence or rule on behalf of another member
🔐 Access to performance data for all assets, groups, & users

Mixmax's Salesforce integration is easier to set up, manage, & control

*Salesforce Settings ViewMixmax Salesforce API Limits

⭐️Top 2021 highlights include:

🚧 Ability to manage your Salesforce API usage by setting Salesforce API quota limits 
⚙️ Easier setup of our most popular sync method, real time sync
📉 Optimized use of your Apex quota by enabling you to choose which field changes should trigger updates with real-time sync conditions
🗄 Admin access to a workspace level activity log for Tasks and Events synced to Salesforce
🖇 Automatic association of Salesforce contacts to accounts when auto-created by sequences

Mixmax makes it easier to measure performance

*Insights Tab Viewinsights

⭐️Top 2021 highlights include:

📊 New insights tab made for easier reporting on overall and per stage sequence performance
📏 Updated sequence email metrics to align with industry standards definitions
🗓 Additional activity metrics such as the number of new recipients added to a sequence over a given time frame

Mixmax provides more control over sequences

*Daily Send Limit ViewDaily_send_limit

⭐️Top 2021 highlights include:

⚠️ Decrease Gmail lockouts by controlling how many sequence messages are sent in a single day with the Daily Send Limit feature
🚪 Automatically exit all sequence recipients from the same domain when one replies or books a meeting using new sequence settings
Enhanced individual controls for recipients, such as per-recipient pause & resume

Mixmax expands dialing capabilities

*Dialpad Integration View32cdF5OURPiT6cXJki49_dialpad_Settings

⭐️Top 2021 highlights include:

📞 Integration with Dialpad, one of the leading sales dialers, for teams with advanced calling needs such as live coaching or transcripts
🌍 The ability to provision international phone numbers with Mixmax's native dialer

After such a great 2021, we are more excited than ever to take on the new challenges of 2022 side-by-side with our customers. Request a demo to learn how Mixmax can help your team grow faster in the new year! 💥

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year! 🥳

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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