August 28, 2023

Mixmax Reaches 1000 5 Star Reviews On G2

1000 5 Star Reviews On G2 | Mixmax

We proudly announce that Mixmax has reached 1000 5-star reviews on G2! This milestone is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication, as well as the positive impact that Mixmax is having on our customers. We would like to thank all of our customers for their reviews. Your feedback is invaluable to us and helps us continue to improve Mixmax.


Mixmax is the easiest-to-use sales engagement platform built for your whole revenue team. It helps you close more deals by automating repetitive tasks, personalizing outreach, and providing insights into what's working and what's not.

Continue reading to learn what our customers found the most beneficial about Mixmax.

Building pipeline 

Mixmax helps revenue teams build pipeline and scale outreach with personalized, engaging sequences. Combining time-saving workflows with touch points across email, calls and LinkedIn, our customers reach more prospects in less time.

“Mixmax sequences allowed me to contact multiple users at the same time, in a customized way, and achieve high rates of engagement. I shared it with my team and we all became fans. Mixmax is constantly pushing new features, which open the door to new workflows that you can easily learn.” - Online advertising mid-market customer

Closing deals

Most sales reps only spend about 36% of their time on selling and the rest on administrative tasks and CRM updates. Mixmax helps AEs close more deals by: 

  • Simplifying CRM updates with workflow automation and access to Salesforce from their inbox
  • Increasing the value of communication with prospects using email templates that can be shared across the team
  • Following up with prospects at the right time thanks to real-time alerts  

“At Mentimeter we love using Mixmax. I have used many other Sales Enablement tools similar to Mixmax and Outreach. It's simple but provides you with all the functionality that you need to create a harmonious sales team automation and collaboration.” - Firat Berber, Account Executive

“Being able to track when customers open and how often is essential. In the nature of our business, keeping momentum with customer communication is key so this insight is huge! It also logs very cleanly into Salesforce for all tracking needs, my manager does not need to wonder how much I've reached out - it's right there.” - Mid-market Account Executive

Renewing customers

Customer success teams use Mixmax to build expansion pipeline, streamline the QBR process and save time with email templates and Salesforce updates. Being on the same platform as the sales team improves collaboration and data hygiene.

"Couldn't do my job without Mixmax," says Deanna Brown, CSM at Atrium. “I love so many features about Mixmax but I think my favorite one is the ease of creating and using templates and sequences. I also love the insights provided!”

Integrating with Salesforce

Mixmax has a native Salesforce integration, allowing reps to access CRM data from Gmail, auto-create leads and never risk duplicating contacts. The Insights package can be installed with one click, and builds 30 reports in three dashboards to manage revenue team performance.

"Workflows are incredible - sequences save me HOURS of time and follow-ups!" - Hannah C, Onboarding Manager, Hostfully

Simplifying scheduling

Mixmax offers one-click scheduling to send calendar invites, meeting notifications, and reminders. It’s easy to insert availability into any email with clickable dates and times. This ensures a smooth experience when booking more conversations with interested prospects. 

  • Meeting templates include an agenda, conference links and pre-defined meeting lengths

  • Groups can easily coordinate by allowing recipients to vote on the best meeting time

  • Embedded links or schedules  show the entire calendar or specific dates and times to meet


"Game-changer for scheduling meetings and measuring email success," says Maxine, a sales rep at Web Cargo. “You don't have to waste ten emails on finding the time in common to meet!”

"Incredible time saver and customer-centric tool. I save so much time by sending Mixmax scheduling links in my emails. The best part is that it displays the available times in the email text, so the customer doesn't have to click through to a link to select times. This is very customer friendly. “ - Mid-market IT services client 


To learn how to use Mixmax to build pipeline and close more deals, start a  free trial, or speak to one of our teammates.

Thank you again to our amazing customers for your support!


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