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Close deals faster with Mixmax for Slack

Improve team collaboration and close valuable deals faster with Mixmax’s Slack integration.

 Mixmax Slack integration
 Mixmax Slack Alerts

Take action with real-time alerts

Stay on top of your deals by knowing exactly when a lead is engaged (like when someone opens your email), an opportunity changes stages, or when a deal is stalled for too long. Mixmax syncs with Slack and Salesforce in real-time.

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Create automated work flows within Slack

Automate tasks across the apps you love––like Slack––with Mixmax’s easy-to-use rule builder. For example: if a new contract is signed, send a Slack alert to management and ping the #Customer-Success team channel with details to follow up.

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 Mixmax Slack integration automated workflows
 Slack integration sales wins

Turn Slack into your new sales gong

Post major wins in public Slack channels and celebrate closed-won deals as a team!

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