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Chat & email — rolled into one

Chat & collaborate on emails, without leaving your inbox. Designed for teams that like to move fast.

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Keep your team in the loop

Move faster on deals & renewals

Add collaborators on any customer email. Collaborators view all replies and forwards, while being invisible to external recipients. Keep your team in the loop - in realtime - without adding them to the email.

Keep your team in the loop -- in realtime. Your co-workers can follow emails without being visible as recipients. Make decisions faster by keeping everyone in the loop, instantly.

Keep your team in the loop

Get instant help & feedback

Real-time coaching

@mention anyone in your team and start an internal chat. Get instant feedback from your team on customer emails. Move faster on those deals & renewals.

Get real-time, in context coaching on key customer conversations. Simply @-mention your manager or trusted colleague to start a private chat on any customer email.

Get instant help & feedback

Join thousands of customer-facing pros