April 10, 2024

10 Sales Productivity Tools Your Sales Team Needs This Year

10 Sales Productivity Tools Your Sales Team Needs in 2024 | Mixmax
  • What is a sales productivity software tool?
  • Types of sales productivity tools
  • 10 best sales productivity software tools to try out this year
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  • Frequently asked questions about sales productivity tools

Sales deals are complex and involve a ton of moving parts both internally and externally. 

Simply having a professional sales force doesn’t mean anything for your bottom line if you don’t arm them with proper sales productivity tools.

The right tools can help boost productivity by supplying salespeople with the information, repetitive or manual task automation, platform, and content quality required to communicate effectively with prospects and build rapport. 

However, with so many tools out there, it can be hard to keep track of the right productivity tools that could be exactly what your team needs to level up.

What is a sales productivity software tool?

A sales productivity software tool is any tool that empowers reps to sell better by boosting productivity. 

These can range anywhere from sales automation tools to all-in-one sales engagement platforms.  

You don’t want another tool that lets reps do more of the same thing. To really increase productivity, you’ll need tools that free up reps’ time to do higher-value tasks: like talking and selling to prospects and clients.

Let’s take a look at the types of sales productivity tools you can use to supercharge sales (also see: sales productivity tips). 

Types of sales productivity tools

There are several types of sales productivity tools that help you increase and measure sales productivity

In the tools list below, we discuss and analyze a collection of software that’ll help your sales team level up their sales game, such as: 

  • Sales engagement tools
  • Sales communication and collaboration tools
  • Sales project management tools
  • Sales enablement tools
  • Sales forecasting tools
  • Revenue intelligence tools
  • Sales prospecting tools

Let’s dive in.

10 best sales productivity software tools to try out this year

1. Mixmax 

Mixmax is a sales engagement solution that’s perfect for busy sales teams in fast-growing companies. 

It’s an easy-to-install and adopt tool that automates repetitive or manual tasks. Mixmax gives reps back more customer-facing time with features that enable sales engagement right from Gmail and Outlook.

It helps sales teams personalize their outreach, boost replies, and increase meetings booked.

Key sales productivity features: 

  • An intuitive, all-in-one solution that fits into reps’ existing Gmail and Outlook workflows without having to switch between tabs, tools, and interfaces.
  • Personalized sales automation like automated sequences for meaningful buyer experiences and scaled outreach.
  • Integrations with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Salesforce for quick access to prospecting information and better quality messaging right within your inbox.
  • Real-time CRM data sync to prevent data silos and access reliable data that doesn’t need manual updating. 
  • Interactive email widgets like in-email polls and one-click calendaring that boost replies and meetings booked by 57%.
  • Engagement alerts so reps know what’s working and when to follow up to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Smart send features to ensure emails reach prospects at the right time, every time.   
  • Out-of-the-box triggers on bulk actions to streamline and customize outreach and impact (and increase chances of engagement).
  • Contact engagement scoring so you can focus on highly engaged prospects first.

This tool is best for: sales engagement 


  • Free trial
  • SMB - $29 per user/month, billed annually  
  • Growth - $49 per user/month, billed annually 
  • Growth + Salesforce - $69 per user/month, billed annually 
  • Enterprise - custom priced

Mixmax makes it easy to view prospect information from Salesforce, and schedule or edit tasks, right within Gmail for increased sales productivity

2. Lavender

Sending cold emails is a thankless job. 

People won’t just open and engage with any email landing in their inbox anymore, so make sure your first impression is a flawless one. 

We like sales writing assistant tools like Lavender to help you personalize faster and write more impactful emails. 

It flags spelling and grammar errors, compares your sales outreach to millions of others, gives you a sense of how your content comes across, and gives suggestions that drive impact. 

Key sales productivity features: 

  • Spam checker to make sure your emails actually get to prospects’ inboxes
  • I-to-you ratio and passive voice checker for prospect-centered and targeted content
  • Subject line analysis for sales subject lines that convert
  • Gifs for more engaging emails
  • Next-best-action suggestions for higher reply rates
  • Mobile editing and content preview

This tool is best for: sales communication and collaboration 


  • Free
  • Starter - $25 per user/month, billed annually 
  • Individual Pro - $41 per user/month, billed annually 
  • Teams - $69 per user/month, billed monthly 


3. Dooly

Part of increasing sales productivity is supplying reps with the quality information they need to close more deals. 

Dooly is a sales enablement tool that helps reps collect key prospect information and resources to prevent siloed selling and heighten productivity

Key sales productivity features: 

  • Connected workspace to easily share critical deal information 
  • Content storage and import for highly accessible content 
  • Sales templates for streamlined selling 
  • CRM sync with Salesforce for accurate, clean prospect data
  • Edit tasks with pipeline overview to know what to prioritize
  • Create and take detailed notes and sync them with accounts, meetings, opportunities, and contacts 
  • Quickly edit open opportunities for accurate pipeline data

This tool is best for: sales communication and collaboration, sales enablement 


  • Free
  • Growth - $30 per user/month, billed annually 
  • Premier - $65 per user/month, billed annually 


4. Qwilr

Creating stunningly effective sales proposals, pitches, and sales quotes take up lots of reps’ valuable time. 

That’s why we love Qwilr—it’s a proposal and template software that helps reps quickly create and send aesthetically pleasing sales collateral that engages prospects and accelerates sales

Key sales productivity features: 

  • Online proposal, document, pitch, contract, and quote creation for a faster sales process
  • Dynamic pricing, e-sign, and payment options
  • One-click proposal generation and automation at scale 
  • Proposal tracking and analytics to see what’s working on prospects
  • Easy acceptance process for prospect ease-of-use
  • Quick edit for fast template changes to personalize collateral and increase engagement 

This tool is best for: sales communication and collaboration 


  • Business - $35 per user/month, billed annually 
  • Enterprise - $59 per user/month, billed annually 


5. Accord

Accord lets you easily collaborate with buyers on timelines, business objectives, next steps, onboarding, etc., for a more effective sales process that gets prospects into the pipeline faster. 

With Accord, reps can build a repeatable and scalable sales and onboarding process that lets them better reach revenue goals and heighten productivity. 

Key sales productivity features: 

  • Customer-facing workspace for quick and easy client communication and collaboration
  • Client accountability for agreed-upon next steps for a smoother closing process 
  • Playbook gallery filled with ready-to-use templates that drive impact 
  • Mutual action plans for sales success 
  • Ability to get buy-in from clients for the entire buying journey to save time 
  • Shared resources, outcomes, and timelines for greater sales visibility 

This tool is best for: sales project management, customer collaboration  


  • Free
  • Startup - $99 per user/month, billed annually 
  • Growth - $119 per user/month, billed annually 
  • Enterprise - custom priced


6. BoostUp

Revenue Operations and Intelligence platforms can help sales teams forecast revenue and locate gaps in productivity. 

BoostUp helps reps drive and scale predictable growth in a single platform by helping them determine their overall effectiveness—with insights into opportunities to understand prospect engagement, next steps, and communication. 

It gives reps key information when digging into forecasts and what actions they can take to progress the sales cycle

Key sales productivity features: 

  • Email activity capture to track revenue gained from past outreach 
  • Forecast accuracy and efficiency to understand pipeline health and productivity silos
  • Track, manage, and forecast opportunities for sales consistency and accountability 
  • Integrates with Salesforce
  • Update key fields on opportunities and visualize opportunity data
  • Pipeline risk visibility removes hours of manual report building

This tool is best for: sales forecasting

Pricing: request custom pricing


7. Gong

AI-based conversation intelligence tools record and analyze sales calls for actionable insights into what calls close deals, and which don't.

Gong tracks factors like rep talking time, prospect talking time, and individual vs. team success reports, that help sales teams spot whether their calls are productive and get results, or need work. 

Use Gong to make the most of your customer-facing time and interactions, and empower go-to-market and revenue teams to determine the best course of action for top-scoring results

Key sales productivity features:

  • Call recording, tagging, transcription, and analytics
  • Coaching and scorecard feedback tools, notifications, leaderboard, and updates in real-time
  • Knowledge base for call coaching
  • Prospect/customer scoring
  • Video recording
  • Speech-to-text

This tool is best for: revenue intelligence 

Pricing: request custom pricing 


8. LeadIQ

LeadIQ helps reps optimize sales productivity by capturing and sequencing lead and prospect information in one click.

Sales prospecting platforms like LeadIQ help reps eliminate the busywork that slows outbound prospecting with easy access to verified emails, phone numbers, and real-time enrichment.

Key sales productivity features:

  • Identify and locate target accounts on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other websites
  • Integrates with Salesforce
  • Verifies and tests email deliverability and formatting
  • Job change updates for accurate prospect information and movement
  • Filter through lists of contacts to narrow down focus leads
  • Automatically place contacts in relevant sequences

This tool is best for: sales prospecting 


  • Free
  • Essential - $39 per user/month, billed annually
  • Pro - $79 per user/month, billed annually 
  • Enterprise - custom priced


9. Correlated

Use product-led insights tools to drive expansion, improve conversion, and retain more customers.

Correlated helps sales teams build automated playbooks based on how users engage with their product to generate more Product Qualified Leads (PQLs). 

This helps reps increase their productivity by spending less time on unqualified leads that aren’t a true fit for your product and never end up converting

Key sales productivity features:

  • Access to Product Qualified Leads 
  • Real-time notifications to track the buyer’s journey and lifecycle 
  • Slack and Salesforce integrations equip revenue teams with leads in the tools they already use  
  • Automatically routes opportunities to the appropriate team
  • Customer data insights for targeted, personalized messaging (tailored to who your customers are and how they use your product)
  • Identify and analyze new buying signals throughout the customer journey
  • Measure playbook conversion rates for productivity insights
  • Easily-accessible data models and key sales metrics for self-service insights

This tool is best for: sales prospecting

Pricing: request custom pricing 


10. UserGems

UserGems helps sales teams fill pipelines with warm leads when contacts switch jobs or positions. 

Using this tool, reps get access to past leads who have recently turned into new opportunities— enabling them to get in front of hot prospects at the right time, or before competitors

Reps are most productive when they’re improving their conversion rates and growing their pipelines, and UserGems helps them do just that by following contacts to their new companies (and sourcing their new contact information). 

Key sales productivity features: 

  • Lead builder to keep reps on top of warm leads and new opportunities
  • Connections to build prospect relationships 
  • Integrates with CRMs like Salesforce 
  • Marketing automation for consistent brand/product messaging 
  • Detailed prospect research reports with updated contact information 

This tool is best for: sales prospecting

Pricing: request custom pricing


Do more with Mixmax 

When analyzing new tools to add to your tech stack, make sure they’re easily adaptable, intuitive tools that integrate seamlessly into your reps’ workflows to drive real productivity. 

Then, choose Mixmax as your productivity champion, giving your sales team everything they need to make their customer-facing interactions more productive and effective, all from one place.


Frequently asked questions about sales productivity tools (FAQ)

What is the definition of sales productivity? 

Sales productivity is when you empower sales reps to focus on higher-level tasks such as: talking and selling to prospects and clients. Sales productivity is part of a strong sales acceleration process and can help reps close more deals faster. 

How should sales productivity tools be used? 

Sales productivity tools should be used to help sales teams get back more customer-facing time. Sales productivity tools exist to help salespeople be more productive, for example, by supplying salespeople with the information, repetitive or manual task automation, platform, and content quality required to communicate effectively with prospects and build rapport. 

How do you drive sales productivity? 

You can drive sales productivity by arming sales teams with the tools they need to do what they do best: sell. Sales productivity tools supply salespeople with the information, platform, repetitive or manual task automation, and content quality required to communicate effectively with prospects and sell more.

You deserve a spike in replies, meetings booked, and deals won.

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