Workflow Hacks For Anyone Who Uses Email (Yes, You)

May 10, 2019

Written byCharles Deloach

Workflow Hacks For Anyone Who Uses Email (Yes, You)

Let’s be honest. Some days you just don’t feel like being super productive. Maybe you didn’t get enough sleep, you’re lagging more than usual and need a third coffee. But sometimes you’re unstoppable and laser-focused, like you can accomplish anything and everything.

How do you get that invincible version of yourself all the time? Is it even possible?

While I haven’t yet found a miracle pill, I do have some really effective workflow hacks that’ll boost yourself into second gear consistently. Try setting up these email tips to be your most productive self, and leverage the best sales tools out there to complete the mundane tasks for you:

Smarter Email Tracking

Email tracking apps are helpful to know when your emails are opened or how prospects and customers interact with your content. While there are many email trackers to choose from, it doesn’t help you effectively prioritize if you don’t take any action on that data.

Time is everything in communication, so focus your time on those opening your emails immediately. Set up your notifications and organize your daily email tasks based on engagement.

Who is opening your emails more than once, twice or three times? Give them a call or respond to their engagement as soon as possible. With Mixmax email tracking, you’re able to see exactly who in the thread has opened your email, not just “someone”, allowing you to get more specific and tailored with your response.

Have they forwarded your email to anyone, or clicked on any links? Send them a relevant message about the link or ask about involving anyone else into the conversation.

Have they not responded in several days? Automate a follow up if they aren’t opening your emails or drop them into a relevant email campaign.

You should also consider optimal send times when you schedule emails to go out at a later time. If you know your response rates are higher in the evening, send your emails to go out then to scale your success.

Email tracking runs in the background and provides so much valuable engagement insight. Even if things fall through the cracks, or your workload seems like it’s about to swallow you whole, you can always refocus your priorities on the most relevant and timely activities using email tracking.

Set Up Email Enhancements

Whether you’re in customer success, sales, recruiting or IT, you likely have routine communication that goes out to customers or team members. Prepare for these kinds of recurring tasks one time, and your future, tired self will thank you in case you forget.

Do you ask for customer feedback regularly? What format?

How do you schedule meetings with multiple people at once?

Ever need to take a poll or survey and collectively decide on next steps?

Ever need to send code? Your social buttons or call to actions?

The email enhancements available through Mixmax are in and of themselves, email hacks. While they’re helpful to use in one-off emails, they can also be strategically set up and scheduled to handle tasks you have to do consistently. Do yourself a favor. Figure out what communication and responsibilities you can templatize, check out Mixmax email enhancements to see if there’s an easier way to gather the info you need, and schedule your delivery ahead of time. That way, on those days you’re lagging a bit, it’ll happen without your effort and you won’t get behind.

Let’s say I need to gather feedback from multiple people in a single account. I need to know several types of information and schedule a time for all 5 of us to meet every month.

This is now on the back burner and I never have to think about it. I’ve set up a feedback template they can answer in the email directly. I added all 5 customers to the email, sent my availability with meeting scheduler, and scheduled the email to go out every 3 weeks. With a little one-time preparation, I’ve taken care of 3 birds with one stone – or 5!

Stay ahead of yourself and let email enhancements and meeting scheduling tools do the heavy work for you.

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Master Your Follow Up

Get control of your follow ups before they get away from you. It’s a difficult yet necessary part of every single role, whether you’re following up with colleagues, customers or prospects that fell off the planet.

Everyone will have a follow up process that works for them. But creating more calendar reminders, alarms or tasks to remind yourself to follow up seems a bit excessive. Are you creating more work for yourself?

Email automation is the easiest email hack you won’t have to think twice about. Every time I send an email out, it automates the follow up to be scheduled at a later time.

Whether you utilize an email sequence, schedule email or create automation rules based on email activity, prepare your next action before it happens, rather than planning a reminder for yourself to carry out the task.

If you’re ahead of your inbox, you’re ahead of the competition (and stress). We can all feel buried in our work at times, but our future selves will be thankful we established a strong process to carry out tasks that would otherwise get away from us. Set up your email workflow hacks and never look back!

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