March 12, 2024

Prioritize Your Time With Contact Engagement Scores

Prioritize Your Time With Contact Engagement Scores | Mixmax

Your GTM team’s follow-ups are about to get much more impactful. Today, we’re excited to announce a brand new Contacts page that lets you prioritize your time on your highest potential prospects and customers. Here’s how:

Always know who to contact first

Start your daily outreach with the help of AI:

  • Sort contacts based on their level of engagement, from highly engaged to not engaged.
  • Easily prioritize who you want to contact next and how to reach them.
  • Search by account and track your engagement across the buying committee.

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Contacts engagement (4)Check out the help guide here to learn more.

Work smarter to build more pipeline

Start your day knowing exactly who to contact first. Quickly see their last touchpoint before you connect and set your next meeting.

Multi-thread deals like a pro

Improve your sales process by involving multiple team members in accounts with ongoing deals. Filter your contacts by account to see who on the buying committee needs to be engaged.

Stay strategic with your top accounts

Keep your finger on the pulse of each of your top accounts—either for renewals or expansions. Measure engagement scores to help forecast within your book of business.

Upcoming webinar: Using SMS to sell to Millennials

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What to expect:

  • How to build relationships with millennial decision-makers using SMS
  • How to collaborate with marketing to optimize nurture strategies
  • How sales activity is changing and what KPIs to track in 2024
  • How to creatively coach your reps on this new channel type

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Tip of the month: work faster from your inbox

Did you know you can save time by completing most of your day-to-day activities directly from your inbox?

☑️ Work faster with slash commands, full list here.

☑️ Update Salesforce from the Sidebar.

☑️ Save an email as a template or insert one.

☑️ Drop recipients into Sequences.

☑️ Cold call a prospect.

☑️ Send a LinkedIn InMail without tab switching.

☑️ Collaborate via Sidechat.



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