Webinar | AI in Sales: 3 Ways to Merge AI & Human Insight to Nail Outreach

AI is amazing for salespeople. But only when used as an enhancement tool, not a replacement tool.

AKA you can’t just copy and paste email sequences from ChatGPT and hope for the best.

In this session, Account Executive Morgan Wible from Mixmax and Co-founder & CEO Bethany Stachenfeld from Sendspark show you how to use both artificial ➕ human intelligence to nail outreach.

What to expect from this recording:

  • The role of AI in modern sales
  • How not to use AI
  • How to scale personalized videos with Sendspark
  • How to use Mixmax's AI Compose to enhance email copy
  • How to optimize email send times with AI

Meet the speakers

Bethany Bethany Stachenfeld


Bethany Stachenfeld is co-founder & CEO of Sendspark, an AI-powered video platform for sales & marketing outreach. Prior to founding Sendspark, Bethany was Head of Marketing for two tech startups: Filestack and VidGrid. Bethany lives in New York City where she enjoys acroyoga, hydroponic gardening, and martial arts (fun fact: Bethany is a 3rd degree black belt in Karate).

Bethany Stachenfeld
Co-founder & CEO, Sendspark

Morgan Wible


Morgan is a Raleigh/Durham SaaS alumnus with 14 years of sales experience, including 8 years in retail sales leadership, 4 years as an individual contributor, and 2 years in SaaS leadership. Selling since age 15, Morgan brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the field.

Morgan Wible
Account Executive, Mixmax