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Personalize outreach at scale

Build multi-channel sequences across email, phone, and LinkedIn. Get real-time updates on prospect activity so you can connect at the right time. Personalize any email within a sequence to boost response rates and set more meetings.

Increase replies with email enhancements

Increase engagement across the customer journey. Make it easy for prospects and customers to respond with interactive elements like one-click meetings, polls and surveys. Customize your own templates for prospecting, opportunity management, or the onboarding and renewal cycle. 

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Mixmax sales engagement dashboard

Gain insight into what's working

Use interactive dashboards within Mixmax to track which sequences and team members get the most engagementYou can dive into your teams' activities and outcomes using pre-built insights dashboards in Salesforce. Find which activities are generating results and leverage them for the rest of the team.

Automate repetitive tasks

Save time so you can get back to selling. Create powerful rules to manage Salesforce updates, sequence enrolment, hand-offs between departments, and more. Mixmax makes it easier for AEs, SDRs, and CSMs to be more productive by automating admin work.

Mixmax sales automation
Mixmax Scheduling

Make it easier for prospects to book a meeting with you

Spend less time coordinating meetings and cut out the back-and-forth. Use one-click scheduling to send calendar invites, meeting notifications and reminders.

Initiate one-click dials directly from your inbox

Use Mixmax Dialer to initiate calls quickly from your inbox or Salesforce. Call recordings are automatically logged to Salesforce under the contact. Integrate with Gong for conversational intelligence.

Mixmax Automated tasks

Know when to call

Improve your connect rate by taking action at the right moment. Know exactly when someone is opening, forwarding, or engaging with your email. Build rules that send you alerts and that create Salesforce tasks automatically.

Cut down on context-switching

Launch Mixmax Sidebar to access or update critical information. Craft the perfect message using social & CRM insights about the person you're emailing, or update Salesforce records without leaving your inbox.

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We see an 85% open rate on our outbound email sequences and a 40% reply rate to those cold sequences. Outbound accounts for 30% of our signups right now. We can directly attribute that to Mixmax.
Sam Blond
Sam Blond Chief Sales Officer, Brex
“Since implementing Mixmax, our open rates are 86%, our reply rates are 52%, and our RSVP rates are 41%. I’ve never seen a product that caused so many people around the office to say, ‘This is cool!’”
Jameson Yung
Jameson Yung SVP Sales
“Mixmax has the features of Outreach or Salesloft, but lives in your inbox. There is no learning curve for implementation, resulting in high adoption and usage.”
John Moore
John Moore Revenue Operations Manager
“Mixmax makes it quick and effective to schedule meetings with customers while combining your team's calendar availability into one view. Along with their templates and sequences for outbound outreach, Mixmax is a must-have in my roles moving forward.”
Patrick Surcouf
Patrick Surcouf Commercial Account Manager


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