Webinar: 5 Ways to Revamp Your Prospecting Routine in the New Year

It’s high time we ditch “spray and pray” tactics.

In this webinar, sales leaders Thibaut Souyris from SalesLabs and Jack Wauson from Mixmax show you a step-by-step guide on how to build a foolproof prospecting routine that targets the right leads and increases engagement with personalized messaging.

Watch the webinar recording to learn about: 

  • Prospecting challenges (and how to overcome them)
  • Targeting the right people (ICP)
  • Ditching “spray and pray” and focusing on personalization
  • Multichannel sequencing
  • Follow-up techniques
  • And more

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Meet the speakers

Thibaut Souyris

Thibaut Souyris specializes in sales prospecting tactics, sharing insights on LinkedIn, through his newsletter, and online courses. He frequently shares sales advice in webinars, blogs, and live events, with features in Sell Better and Hubspot’s blog, among other platforms. When not focused on prospecting, he cherishes family time, particularly watching his son grow.


Thibaut Souyris
CEO & Founder, SalesLabs

Jack Wauson Pink

Jack found his shot to take on sales after 4 years at the University of Oregon (GO DUCKS!) and hasn’t looked back since. He’s passionate about sales development and leading a team of people that has the common interest of connecting & helping others.


Jack Wauson
SDR Manager, Mixmax