Product tour of Mixmax

You might already know about Mixmax's sales engagement platform. But do you know exactly how to use Mixmax to engage prospects and close more deals?

Watch the recording to learn how to: 

  • Improve daily productivity for SDRs & AEs
  • Build personalized, multi-channel sequences
  • Streamline Salesforce updates with automation
  • Access real-time sales insights
  • And more

Meet the speakers

Kyle Parrish_Webinar copy

With over 20 years of experience in sales, Kyle has been leading and developing high-performing sales teams for the past 14 years. He started his sales career in large organizations like Oracle and Google, and then he moved over to the startup realm to be a VP of Sales in 2015.

Kyle Parrish
GM & VP Revenue, Mixmax

Abby profile

Abby brings nearly a decade of sales expertise to the table, fuelled by her passion to make a difference. When she’s not crushing it in sales or mentoring students at Framingham State University as an active alumni board member, she’s investing time in her most cherished role yet–being a mom to her son.

Abby Sullivan
Enterprise Account Executive