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Save time and visualize real-time sales metrics and activities with Mixmax Insights, an out-of-the-box reporting solution for Salesforce. Empower your entire revenue team to do more with less–within days, not months.

  • Track the outcomes your team creates, not just the activity.
  • Monitor reps' quota attainment by day, week and month.
  • Align your team and ensure everyone is contributing to the correct objectives.
  • Visualize sales engagement data in three pre-built dashboards.


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Mixmax Insights was a huge step up in figuring out how our salespeople are spending their time, setting targets to be sure everyone stays on task, and has given us greater transparency. Having canned reports has really helped us speed up. We’ve saved bandwidth since there's no manual reporting we have to pull together on our own.
Imani Bentham Director of Membership Strategy, National Journal

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Crush your
revenue goals

Examine leads, open opportunities, and closed-won data. See your summary for opportunity counts and values compared to total created by, and owned by.

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Identify top performers

View your interactive leaderboard comparing individual rep performance to coach your team consistently. Track the number of calls, emails, LinkedIn outreach, and meetings scheduled per day, week, and month. 

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Gain powerful insights

Filter by role or department, providing detailed information on all open opportunities. Sort metrics such as the count and value of converted leads and open opportunity stages by rep.

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Skip the RevOps request queue and get sales engagement reporting with one click in Salesforce.

Mixmax Insights, our most powerful reporting solution, includes 30+ individual reports curating your sales engagement efforts into three unique Salesforce dashboards. You can monitor leaderboards, filter by team, and better understand activities’ impact on sales. Insights is pre-configured to include data from your own Salesforce account as well as unique tracking data directly from Mixmax activities. 


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