Easily collect files over email

May 23, 2016

Written bySpencer Brown

Easily collect files over email

Mixmax is a communications platform that brings professional communication & email into the 21st century.

Have you ever asked someone to send you a file and they couldn't because it was too large or not the right file type? We've heard this from our users, so we came up with a solution: Mixmax File Request Enhancement. You simply drop it in a Mixmax email and your recipient can send you unlimited-sized files, whether they have Mixmax or not.

To use it, type your message and select File Enhancement from the Enhance menu:

File Request in the Mixmax Enhance menu

File Request in the Mixmax compose window

Then your recipient can upload their file. You'll be immediately emailed a link to download the file.

File Request file drop interface

It's perfect for

  • Property managers gathering rental applications
  • Executive assistants asking for receipts for expense reports
  • Professors or teachers collecting homework from dozens of students
  • Sharing videos that are too large for an email attachment

Useful, huh? If you like making people's lives easier --- reach out to us at and follow us @Mixmax.

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