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 Email Task Release in Mixmax


Add a personal touch with Email Tasks

September 17, 2019

We just released an exciting feature: Email Tasks. This new task type allows you to review a message before it gets sent out.

Now you can add a step within any sequence to add a personal touch to a message, or QA the copy one more time before it gets sent out.

This feature is available today to all Enterprise plan customers; and available in Sequences, Mixmax Rules, and Beast Mode products. Curious what other features are on the Enterprise plan? Please visit our pricing page.

Here are some examples of how adding a manual email task step can dramatically increase your reply rates:

Adding an Email Task to a Sequence

If your recipient doesn’t open the first email in step #1, then create a task to record a Vidyard video and embed it an email template you can customize.

Trigger an Email Task using Mixmax Rules

If a recipient opens your email at least 3 times, then create an email task to follow-up and add a personalized message.

Learn more about all the different task types in Mixmax.

Written by

Mike McEuen

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