Introducing New B2B Sales Show Co-Host Don Erwin

June 10, 2019

Written byMike McEuen

Introducing New B2B Sales Show Co-Host Don Erwin

B2B Sales Show

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What do you do when you’re 237 years old, and still looking for new professional challenges to conquer?

You co-host a podcast, of course.

Don Erwin has been in sales in hardware and software in the Silicon Valley since 1989. He got started in Saas in 2009 as an early employee at LinkedIn and has been doing SaaS ever since. He exults that he loves every bit of it!

Even though some days Erwin feels like he’s 237 years old, he still has a lot to learn and a lot of new ideas to test.

Erwin believes that most of the best sales reps and managers dedicate themselves to continuous learning.

He is very excited to be diving into the depths of some of the industry’s finest minds, not only to help develop the next generation of sales leaders, but to learn something himself.


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