Building A Sales Team From Scratch, Quickly. What Does it Take? with Sam Blond

June 25, 2019

Written byMike McEuen

Building A Sales Team From Scratch, Quickly. What Does it Take? with Sam Blond

Take it from the professionals.

In order to build a dynamite sales team, build it quickly, and built it from scratch, there are some things you have to do.

What are they?

Sam Blond, Chief Sales Officer at Brex has some ideas.

  1. It’s All About the People
  2. Invest EARLY and OFTEN In Sales Operations
  3. Do the same for SALES ENABLEMENT

Those three things may not guarantee your success, but they’ll certainly put you miles ahead of your competition.

Listen to Sam’s interview with Don Erwin or continue reading for a quick recap.


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Hire Great People

Sam Blond knows a thing or two about building high-growth sales teams.

In fact, since Brex's founding just two years ago, the company has revolutionized how startups track expenses, manage cardholders, and earn rewards. Compared to traditional corporate cards, the Brex card provides superior flexibility and control, making it a highly sought-after B2B financial product. To capitalize on elevated demand from startups and expand into adjacent verticals, such as ecommerce, life sciences, and enterprise, Brex’s sales organization is constantly hiring and onboarding new talent.

“If you hire the right people and build the right team, everything else just seems to fall into place,” said Sam Blond, Chief Sales Officer at Brex. “Being able to recruit and bring in the right people is such an important trait of a sales leader.”

So, where should you look to identify top sales performers? Your leadership team can be an excellent source.

“At Brex, every SDR and AE that we’ve hired is a personal connection of one of the leaders,” Blond said. “This enables us to scale our team quickly and with high-caliber people.”

Bringing in quality people can have a multiplier effect on your organization.

“When you hire great people, those individuals will also bring their own people with them,” said Don Erwin, Head of Revenue at Mixmax. “Hire really good people, get out of their way, and allow them to do what they do best.”


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Invest Early (& Often) in Sales Operations

Even the most effective AEs and SDRs need a supporting cast to keep the sales department running smoothly. Failing to adequately invest in sales operations can therefore be a costly mistake—especially in a high-growth environment.

“Sales operations is underinvested almost universally,” Blond said. “Investing early and often in sales operations will help you build systems and processes that scale with the team’s growth.”

Data analytics has become an increasingly vital responsibility for sales operations staff.

“We use data to inform almost every decision at Brex,” Blond said. “Sales operations provides us with analytics that we use to make smarter decisions and accelerate growth.”

Case in point, Brex’s sales operations team played an instrumental role in uncovering data-driven insights about the customer journey.

“We now know the first 30 days dictates the customer’s behavior throughout the entire lifecycle,” Blond said. “We’ve invested heavily in those first 30 days, which is making a meaningful impact on customer success.”


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Focus on Sales Enablement

Onboarding and training should not be an afterthought. As you grow beyond a handful of SDRs and AEs, sales enablement becomes crucial for sustaining high levels of growth.

“Once you start hiring three or four people per month, you need someone who is dedicated to onboarding,” Blond said. “Ongoing education is also key, especially as new products and features are released.”

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