Mixmax Talent Spotlight: Product Manager

February 27, 2019

Written byStephanie Tan

Mixmax Talent Spotlight: Product Manager

Q&A with Hiring Manager, Olof Mathé, CEO & Co-founder

Our mission, to be the communications platform for customer-facing teams, is bold, and we’re excited to tackle the challenges that come with such a mission. We’re currently looking for talented Product Managers to be founding members of the Product Management team at Mixmax to help us get there.

Let’s chat with our CEO and Co-founder, Olof Mathé, who is the hiring manager for this role. Olof was a successful product manager himself at companies like Skype & Inkling prior to co-founding Mixmax!

Why is this a unique time to join the Product Management team at Mixmax?

Mixmax has doubled in size in the last 12 months, and we’re very lucky that 10,000+ customers rely on Mixmax for their productivity and external communications needs. Product Managers joining this team today will play a pivotal role in developing Product as a function at Mixmax. You’ll be helping to shape the product roadmap and strategy, write specs, develop genre-defining features, and define what the Product culture looks like at Mixmax.

We’re also flexible on leveling. The team is fast-growing, so there are opportunities across the spectrum of seniority and management experience.

What’s special about this opportunity?

The founding team worked as PM, Design and Engineering leads before creating Mixmax, so product-focus is core to the company culture. The majority of our revenue is self-serve, a testament to how easy to use the product is. If you like working on virally-driven, self-serve focused products, we’re it!

Each Product Manager owns a set of objectives (OKRs), and runs cross-functional and self-managing teams to hit our objectives. As the Product Manager, you set the roadmap with your team. You will essentially be  “running a startup within a startup.” There’s an enormous amount of autonomy, ownership and responsibility.

We like to iterate on and modify team process at least quarterly across engineering, design, and product, so that we’re constantly learning and improving. You’ll have the opportunity to shape the future of a fast-growing product team.

What would a successful Product Manager at Mixmax look like?

Firstly, a successful Product Manager at Mixmax is excited about working with and inspiring both customers externally, as well as internal team members cross-functionally. We’d love for our Product Managers to be the “air traffic controller” and the organizational glue of different teams within Mixmax, whether it be sales, customer success, engineering, or design.

In terms of the product itself, we’re always on the lookout for ways to simplify the product. We want our product to work just as well for individual use as for mid-market teams, as Mixmax should always scale with you and your business. Before building a new feature, we ask ourselves “Do we need to solve this problem in code, or are there easier ways? Can we design new features in simpler ways, to add the same amount of value without adding complexity?”

If you’re interested in joining the Product Management team at Mixmax, please apply here!

To learn more about the product itself (including our recent launch of Mixmax 2.0), and even take us for a test drive, check out our free trial.

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