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Pride 2020


Black/LGBTQ+ Solidarity Resources

June 1, 2020

LGBTQ+ Pride Month would not exist today without the uprising of the Stonewall Riots in 1969. Mixmax is in solidarity with Black communities facing violence and even death during these times. We see the parallels of resistance today for Black Liberation to the resistance of the past and present for LGBTQ+ Liberation.

During these challenging times, we at Mixmax want to highlight organizations and businesses that are providing services and community to Black and LGBTQ+ people. We have compiled a list of US-based organizations and businesses that are supporting these communities. Some of the resources are Black community-focused, some are LGBTQ+ focused, and some are specifically Black LGBTQ+ organizations. Many of them are providing special support for those affected by COVID-19.

We hope this list:

  • Provides more visibility to these groups in need during this unprecedented time. We encourage you all to donate to or support these groups in any way you can (sharing this list or the sites of specific organizations you care about can have a huge impact alone).
  • Serves as a resource guide for individuals in Black communities and LGBTQ+ communities who need extra support and enrichment during this pandemic.

We call on other companies to create and publicly share your own lists of Black and LGBTQ+ orgs who are in need, including groups severely affected by COVID-19. Let's come together to support our communities!

This was researched and compiled by our Pride @ Mixmax Employee Resource Group. This is by no means an exhaustive list! Many of the organizations you will see listed are based in the San Francisco Bay Area as this is where Mixmax HQ is located. We are hoping to expand the list into other locations throughout the month of June! We encourage any non-profits or businesses who offer services or provide community spaces for Black, LGBTQ+, and/or Black LGBTQ+ communities to contact us if they would like to be added.

We encourage all visitors to actively research each organization or business before making donations, volunteering, or reaching out for resources.

Last updated on 6/16/20:

Black/African American Legal Funds

Further Reading on Racial Equality

Therapy Resources

Homeless youth services and/or shelters




New York City:

Portland, OR:

San Francisco Bay Area:

Emergency housing, financial, or other resource assistance

San Francisco Bay Area:


  • Al GAMEA- Offers an Emergency Shelter Assistance, among other programs

Eugene, OR:

Montgomery, Alabama:

New York City:

Pittsburgh, PA:

San Antonio, TX:

LGBTQ Senior Citizen Organizations:

LGBTQ community centers, groups, and health centers



New York:

Portland, OR:

San Francisco Bay Area:

Washington, DC:

LGBTQ Nightlife, community businesses, or other organizations (donations) San Francisco Bay Area:

New York, NY:

Worthwhile causes in other locales in the US

Contact us at inclusion@mixmax.com if you'd like to contribute to our list!

Written by

 Derron Thweatt

Derron Thweatt

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